How To Cover Grey Hair At Home

Embracing the changes that come with age is a beautiful journey and for many. Managing grey hair is a part of that process. As we age our hair undergoes a transformation with grey hair and some wear them prestigiously as a sign of wisdom and maturity while some want to maintain the original color. But besides age, various other factors contribute to the alternation of your strand pigments. There are the following factors.

Stress and anxiety:

As we all know, stress and anxiety cause changes in our body, and that one change is turning your hair grey. Stress can be the way to premature greying hair and one main culprit is the stress hormone called Cortisol which can interfere with the function of Melanocytes responsible for generating hair pigment.

Grey hair due to stress and anxiety

Deficiency of vitamins:

Vitamins play a vital role in maintaining our health. A deficiency of certain vitamins like Vitamin B-12, Biotin, and vitamin D can contribute to premature alteration in your hair.

Grey hair due to defficiency of vitamins


Apart from age, another factor that determines when a person gets grey hair is his genetics. If an individual’s parents got grey hair at an early age, he may also inherit this.

Grey hair due to Genetics

Low production of melanin:

Melanin is responsible for the production of pigment in your hair. Disturbance or low production of melanin can be the reason for grey hair.

Grey hair due to low melanin

Environmental factors:

Environmental factors can indeed take part in premature graying hair. Exposure to Ultraviolet radiation and air pollutants can lead to oxidative stress which disrupts the function of Melanocytes and accelerates the greying process.

environmental factors

Cover your grey hairs

Covering grey hair is a process that includes a variety of other methods but most of them are harmful to hair health. Many people are very health conscious they search for an alternative with no side effects.

Build your confidence according to your customized shade:

Changing in appearance can sometimes boost your confidence and true confidence comes from within. While everybody has a different pigment level. Belini offers you a variety of natural shades with no harmful effects. Most people opt for natural shades like Natural black 1.0, Dark brown 3.0, Medium brown 4.0, and Light brown 5.0. Paint your grey strands according to your favorite shade to re-establish your elegance.

Process of application:

Here is a simple process of hair color application.

  • For safety conduct a strand test 48 before coloring your hair to indicate any allergic reaction.
  • Thoroughly wash your hair with mild shampoo (sulfate free shampoo) to get the perfect pigment.
  • With 20 volume, apply color all over your scalp.
  • For perfect results, leave the color at least 45-50 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water.
  • Choose a hair mask from the best hair masks for better results and apply it to your hair. Wait for 5 to 7 minutes and rinse it off.

Prevent your locks from the harshness of Ammonia:

Are you afraid of using ammonia based colors on your strands? No worries. Belini is here with the solution. Belini has innovated ammonia free hair color. Its soft ingredients are very gentle on your locks. It develops natural dynamic hues without harshness and damage. The presence of Cereathe-20 in color has hydrating abilities that reduce itchiness, irritation, and dry scalp.

Furnish your hair with permanent color:

If you are wondering about a permanent hair color with Zero damage, you on the right place. Belini provides you with a permanent hair color with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Argon oil. Which disguises your silver strands into opulent and beautiful hued hair.

Provide everlasting coverage to your hair:

Nowadays, everyone wants a hair color that has coverage and is long lasting because of busy schedules. Belini hair color contains Oleic Acid, also called omega-9. Which penetrates the hair shaft and provides long lasting coverage to your grey hair. With time you just need to touch up your hair roots because they grow out.

Your pigmented strands need post care:

After coloring your locks, your hair needs post care. Use a color lock shampoo and conditioner to enhance the life of your hair.

The bottom line

Age and many other factors such as vitamin deficiency, genetics, low production of melanin, and environmental pollutants are responsible for turning your colored hair into silver strands but you can cover them according to your consent. Ultimately, it only depends on the choice of an individual, if he needs ammonia free, permanent, long lasting coverage and with a variety of natural shades at an affordable price Belini can be the best option.

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