What to do and what not to do in a hair color process?

Thinking about coloring your hair? Undoubtedly, the hair coloring process can be a fun and transformative experience. It can alter your hair’s appearance and make you feel fresh and confident. But it’s important to do it with care and attention because some simple steps can make a difference between stunning results and a hair color disaster. In this article, we’ll explore that what to do and what not to do in the hair color process. No matter if you are experienced or going to first-time color your hair it’s a straightforward guide. So, let’s explore the dos and don’ts in the hair color process:

Dos in the hair color process

  • Conduct an allergy test
  • Choose the right shade of color
  • Prep your hair
  • Follow the instructions
  • Protect your skin

1) Conduct an allergy test

If you have sensitive skin perform an allergy test 24 hours before coloring your hair. Some hair colors have harsh ingredients such as ammonia which can cause burning or redness, so it’s essential to perform an allergy test to indicate any allergic reaction or any adverse effects in the hair color process.

2) Choose the right shade of color

If you decide to color your hair, choosing the right shade of color can make you look more attractive. Always choose the color that is suitable for your skin tone, your natural color of hair, or according to your personal style. And if you are going to color your hair first time and feel hesitant then select a one or two-tone dark or light color to the actual color of your hair.

3) Prep your hair

In the hair color process, it’s important to prep your hair before coloring to achieve your desired outcomes. So, prepare your hair by washing it with clarifying shampoo because it eliminates the build-ups while cleaning your scalp and opens the hair cuticle which ensures even deposition of hair color.

4) Follow the instructions

To get the perfect results in the hair color process, it’s important to follow the instructions and pay attention to the time application process and method of application. Usually, a hair color requires 35 to 40 minutes to deposit on your hair so wait for at least 35-40 minutes and do follow the proper application method.

5) Protect your skin

No doubt that coloring hair is a satisfying process but it’s also important to protect your skin in the hair color process. Before coloring, wear gloves and use a brush to color your hair. Also, apply a cream around your hairline doing this creates a barrier to protect your skin get stained.

Don’ts in the hair color process

  • Don’t skip the strand test
  • Don’t wash your hair frequently
  • Don’t forget to maintain your hair
  • Don’t expose hair to heat
  • Don’t use harsh products

1) Don’t skip the strand test

Don’t skip performing a strand test in the hair color process especially if you are first time coloring your hair or you are experienced and trying a new shade of hair color. Performing a strand test before applying the color all over, helps you preview the results and ensure you are satisfied with the color outcomes.

2) Don’t wash your hair immediately

A hair color requires a maximum time of 24 to 48 hours to get set on the hair. So, don’t wash your hair frequently after coloring your hair because water can strip out the hair color if you frequently wash your hair. By restricting yourself from instantly washing hair can elevate the durability of your hair color and make your hair color process worthwhile. After the wait go for a keratin shampoo for a long lasting hair color outcomes and an extra hair care.

3) Don’t forget to maintain your hair

Once you have colored your hair, don’t forget to maintain them.  Use color-lock shampoo and conditioner, they prevent your color from fading and maintain the prolonged vibrancy of your color. Furthermore, hydrate your hair by using a moisturizing hair mask and do regular touch-ups to keep your color looking fresh.

4) Don’t expose hair to heat

Heat styling tools such as straighteners, curlers and even blow dryers can bring disaster to your hair because the heat that emits from these tools can split out the natural oil from the hair and make your hair dry and frizzy. Also don’t expose your hair to the Sun, as UV rays can increase the fading process.

5) Don’t use harsh products

If you like to elevate the vitality of your color after the hair color process, keep the harsh chemical products away from your cart. Restrict yourself by using sulfate free shampoo because sulfate can eliminate the natural oil from hair by leaving your hair unhealthy. So, maintain the vibrancy of your hair by using sulfate-free products.

The bottom line

The hair color process can change your appearance of the hair by refreshing your look but by adhering to these dos and don’ts you can perform the hair color process with confidence and can achieve stunning outcomes while retaining the health and integrity of your hair. Does not matter if you are experimenting with a new color or just refreshing your current hair color, by following these guidelines you can achieve your desired look with ease.

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